ITHA108 Yoga & Hang Music retreat with Dagmar & Gaudan

september 9-16, 2017

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itha 108, Greece

980€ - 1,250€

1 Last Room Left!

Beautiful Greece. Come and enjoy our luxury retreat at ITHA108, designed to take you deeper into your practice while enjoying the Beauty and Nature of this tiny island in a gorgeous private setting with likeminded people.

Itha108 is a Greek island retreat set in a place of outstanding natural beauty, providing a space specifically for peace, relaxation and practice.

Ithaca, home of Itha108, is one of the smallest in the Ionian island constellation that is radiating with Grecian authenticity. It’s shores play host to a long Homeric and mythical history whose many mysteries are sensed amongst animated panorama and secretive coves.

Itha108 overlooks the sea and the eastern coastline of neighbouring Kefalonia from an elevated wilderness of olive trees and exposed rocks that provide the elements around which it is built, allowing its natural beauty to speak for itself. An emphasis on indoor-outdoor living ensures full use of the land and its treasures that extend to sweeping and hidden beaches below.

Itha 108 sleeps twenty across varied accommodation; six luxury double bedrooms in the main house and three mongolian yurts that are staggered up between rocks, forestry and winding walkways. The many social and quiet spaces allow guests to enjoy the landscape and relax.


What to Expect

You will deepen your practice this week as you learn to surrender more into your breathing. We will create more space in your body, leaving you feeling more spacious in your mind. You will explore new ways of nourishment on and off the mat. You will deeply relax, reconnect to yourself and recharge your batteries as you soak up the sun and our practices.

Laughter. Love. Tears. Sweat.

The aim of our vinyasa flow yoga retreat is not only to strengthen you physically, but also to bring you closer to your self, to a place where you are comfortable with stillness and refine your ability to listen more.

Music is magic. It beautifully enhances our emotions and brings balance and harmony to our bodies, it also helps us to surrender and soften into the flow of life. The Hang is a very magical instrument, it is handmade in Switzerland and often used for sound healing. In this magical retreat we will enhance your practice with the melodies of the Hang to give you a deeper experience of your self. Mornings will be a more dynamic vinyasa and sunset sessions slow flow or yin yoga with Hang music.

It’s the perfect combination for a joyful, inspirational week!

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