Ask a Yogi: Get to Know Montezuma Yoga’s Teachers

Almost every yogi we encounter tells us how yoga changed their lives — for the better, of course. They talk about how they went from being uninspired, tired in body and soul, and, mostly, feeling general unhappiness. When they began yoga, however, they found new meaning: New reasons to find joy and inspiration in the smallest things, to wonder at the most previously mundane things. They found new strength and power in their bodies.

It takes courage to follow your dreams and move to Costa Rica to build a new life. This month we are featuring Silvia Eriksson , who has been our resident teacher and studio manager for the last 7 years. Silvia is known for her core focused and empowering, dynamic style. Please read below how she found yoga and how it has helped her on her path.

Once per month, we’ll be featuring one of Montezuma Yoga’s teachers so you can get to know them a little better, or a little more. Please feel free to post questions for future blogs on our Facebook page!


Describe your teaching style in five words.
Focused. Steady. Calm. Present. Breathing.

How has yoga changed your life?
Yoga has changed everything for me. I was not connected at all to my body when I was younger, had pains and aches already in my teens, bad posture and low self-confidence and felt lonely in the big wide world. Yoga helped me connect to my body, honor it, let it surprise me with its strength and ability to adapt. It helped me find a way to stand tall through my life, a lifeline when I am down, and a steady discipline when I am up. Yoga helped me find grace, and knowledge of myself as a physical body, which in turn helped my find a deeper connection to my immediate surroundings and relationships. It helped me rather than only to introvert, to also pay attention carefully to my surroundings and people around me.

What is your favorite pose?
Favorite pose, standing hand-to-bigtoe pose ( Utthita Hasta Padangustasana), feels so strong and grounding, but at the same time so big and open.

Least favorite pose?
Least favorite, fire Log pose (Agnistambhasana) very tight, tight, hip abductors and eternally uncomfortable.

When and how did you find yoga?
I found yoga when I was around 20, recommended to me by a chiropractor due to a tight back and shoulder injury, and there was a sweet yoga studio close to my house which looked very inviting. It hooked me after the first savasana with essential oils burning and the cozy feeling.

Share one piece of wisdom you wish you’d known earlier.
When faced with a dilemma or news that seem disastrous and cause great fear and you see no way out, sleep on it first, breathe deeply, and then look at it with new eyes before freaking out and taking sudden impulsive action.


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