Vinyasa Flow & Yin Yoga

Montezuma Yoga is located at Hotel Los Mangos, just outside the village of Montezuma. You will be practicing Yoga in the open, wooden pavilion looking out to the ocean and listening to the sound of birds, monkeys and the ocean. Classes are open for all levels, held in English. Beginners are welcome. Just drop in, we have mats and props available for you.

NEW: We just opened a second shala in town at the remodelled NYA Hotel. Please see both schedules below and check whiteboard for changes.

Class Descriptions

Vinyasa : A yoga class open for all levels that links movement and breath in a powerful, yet subtle, meditative flow.

Donation yoga: Give as much as you like! All proceeds go to support local projects like recycling, turtle sanctuary, school kids.

Body Sculpt: A 75 min fun full body workout with great music for toning and strengthening your core, legs, arms, back and bum!


Single class: US$14                      5 class card: US$60
10 class card: US$110
1 month unlimited: US$180


Single class: US$8                        5 Class card: US$40
10 Class card: US$70

1 month unlimited: US$110


One-on-one session 1 hour US$50
Please inquire for private group rates.


Candlelight: Relaxing Slow Flow Class, sometimes with live music from the acoustic guitar or the Hang instrument by GAUDAN

Ashtanga FlowAn energetic practice to start your day and to build a strong foundation for any yoga practice.

Yin Yoga: teaches the body to ‘turn off’ the muscles and work with the sheets of connective tissue that surround the muscles. Great to compliment your vinyasa practice.

*Additional classes from nov-march, please check schedule for updates.

Current schedule at Hotel Los Mangos

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8:30 AM Vinyasa Vinyasa Vinyasa Vinyasa Vinyasa  Vinyasa
6 PM  Yin Donation  Yin  Yin Candlelight

Additional schedule at NYA Hotel

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7 AM Body Sculpt Vinyasa Body Sculpt Vinyasa
4 PM Vinyasa Vin-Yin  Vinyasa Body Sculpt


“Thank you for an amazing practice. I have enjoyed these yoga classes more than any I have ever taken before. A pleasure to meet you and completely inspiring.”  ⎯ Jo A.


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