Explorations Of Self Yoga Retreat

January 14 - 20th, 2018

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montezuma yoga


With Alana Roach & Alana Quattro


Life is a spellbinding journey full of peaks and valleys. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and within each of us lays the wisdom of the universe. Every one of us has a unique path enriched by the choices we make and the intentions we set.  What is your purpose?  Why are you here?  Are you living your life according to your heart’s’ deepest yearning or are you idling away and feeling unfulfilled?

Life was meant to be explored with each breath that we take.  Within us lies a great yearning to know our Divine purpose and to fulfill our Highest mission in this lifetime.  During the Liberated Heart retreat we will dive into our hearts to re-discover our true Self.  Buoyed by the serenity of the tropical paradise of Nosara, we will join together in the intention to raise our vibrations an octave higher.

Join Yoginis Alana Diosa and Alana Rene (The A-Team) on a journey into the heart through yoga, meditation, and mindfulness workshops to ring in self love and acceptance amidst a culture that thrives on unhealthy competition of mind and body.  This week-long retreat, will allow you to tap into the beautiful well stream of peace and serenity that resides within.  Daily guided meditations along with hatha, vinyasa, and restorative asana yoga practices will serve as a channel to dive into your Soul’s deepest yearning and will allow you to return home with a clearer vision of your personal path and a true sense of self-LOVE & self-ACCEPTANCE.


REGISTER NOW <—Click here to fill out some basic information & we will send you an invoice for your deepest of $365.00! You can also pay to Alana Roach via Venmo or Squarecash.  If you mail us a check, we will discount your deposit to $350.00! Make checks payable to Explorations of Self LLC, 17 Warren Lodge, 2-D, Cockeysville, MD, 21030

more information here: http://www.explorationsofself.com/events/costarica/

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