Packing Essential’s for a Fun & Healthy Trip To Costa Rica – by Justine Thorner

As a health coach and yoga instructor who loves to travel, I am always attempting to nail down the healthiest way to pack to ensure I can stay healthy while I am away, without my juicer, blender, and all the healthy goodies I am used to consuming on a daily basis!

These are my top 10 healthy-travel essentials for trip or retreat to Costa Rica.

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1. Sun is Shinning (or any other green powder)

I take this stuff everyday! It is loaded with vitamins, minerals, sea vegetables and even has probiotics in it. This stuff will keep your digestive system on track when eating foreign foods with the probiotics, and keep your immune system strong with all the vitamins and minerals. Plus, you’ll ensure you eat your full servings of veggies with just 2 teaspoons! Add it to water, coconut water or a smoothie!

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2. Justin’s single serve almond butter packs

First off, these are delicious! They are organic, non-gmo and have no additives. These are great to have in your bag or pocket for anytime hunger might come along through your travels! Eat the almond butter plain, right out of the package, or eat on toast, with a banana, or other fruit. Great way to have a simple, healthy meal when traveling!

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3. Turkish Hamam towel

These are the best towels! They are super thin, so they are easy to pack and will not take up much space in your bag, plus you can even wear them as a cover-up!

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4. Lavender Essential Oil

Great oil for to promote relaxation, and you can place a few drops in the corner of your hotel room to prevent bug bits! Bugs are naturally attracted to this scent, so will swarm the scent, not you. You can even mix with water and use as a bug spray, or spray the sheets for a nice relaxing scent!

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5. Kiss my face sunscreen

This is a great natural sunscreen without all the harmful chemicals that are added into standard sunscreens. This is made without parabens, artificial color or gragrances, and oxybenzone. This is my go-to brand for healthy sun-protection!

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6. Coconut oil

So many wonderful uses: This is best moisturizer, plus coconut oil is great mixed with some aloe for sunburn relief! It can also be used as your make-up removed, and face cream.

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7. Badger Balm Sunscreen Lip Balm

Safe and effective sunscreen for your lips! Made with organic and natural ingredients, without the harmful chemicals. This stuff is a staple for me when I am in the sun. Sunburnt lips = the worst!

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8. Journal

Fill this with notes on the places you visited, your thoughts, ideas, photos, things you’ve learned, people you’ve met, etc… Keep spots open, and pages empty so when you get home you can add photos, maps, cards, brochures, etc. from places you’ve gone and things you’ve done! This is an easy crafty way to make a fun memoir of your trip!

9. BKR water bottle

An all-clean water bottle, this is made of glass, is BPA free, and a clean way to drink your water without added chemicals. It is also the perfect size! It has a fun colored outer rubber sleeve to protect it from breaking when it drops.

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10. Kind Bars

These are delicious, made with real, natural ingredients and contain no additives! Perfect to keep in your bag when you get stuck hiking around the rainforest, or hungry for a snack before meal!(Can also pack any another type of organic bar)


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